Other Publications


  • Livanos, I. and I. Nunez (2012) Young Workers’ Employability and Higher Education in Europe in the Aftermath of the Financial Crisis: An Initial Assessment, Forum: Challenges Facing European Labour Markets: Is a Skill Upgrade the Appropriate Instrument? (Invited contribution),  Intereconomics, 47 (1), 10-16.
  • Livanos, I. and I. Nunez (2012) The effect of higher education on the gender wage gap, International Journal of Education Economics and Development, 3 (1), 33-47.


  • Livanos, I. (2011) ‘The “service sector” of skills: New Trends in Modern Organizations’, in A. Dedoussopoulos and Th. Koutroukis, The Expansion of the Service Sector: economic and employment dimensions, Kritiki Publishing House (in Greek).
  • Livanos, I. and Th. Katsanevas, (2011) ‘The Balance of Demand and Supply of Professions: A Labour Market Information System for Greece’ in Essays in Economics: Applied Studies on the Greek Economy. 50 Years Anniversary Publication, (978-960-341-097-3), Athens: Centre of Planning and Economic Research.


  • Livanos, I. (2009) Medium-term forecast of occupational skill needs in Europe (with Rob Wilson), in Cedefop (2009) Skills for Europe’s Future: anticipating occupational skill     needs, Cedefop Panorama Series, Luxemburg, p. 54-61.


  • Th. Katsanevas, Th. Koutroukis, Ch. Tzekinis, E. Hatziharitou and I. Livanos (2008) Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, Stamoulis Publications, 3rd edition, ISBN: 978-960-351-472-5 (in Greek).


  • Livanos, I. (2007) The development of an employment forecasting methodology for the Hellenic Republic, in Zukersteinova and Striestska-Ilina (2007) Towards European Skill needs forecasting, Cedefop Panorama series; 137, Luxembourg: Office      for Official Publications of the European Communities, 2007  (Paper originally  presented at  the Feasibility Workshop on European Skill Needs Forecasting, Pafos, Cyprus, 20-21 October 2005). ISBN 978-92-896-0479-6.
  • Livanos, I. and R. Wilson (2007) Anticipating Europe’s skill needs, Warwick Institute for Employment Research Bulletin, Number 85, 2007 (with Rob Wilson).


  • Katsanevas, Th. and I. Livanos (2006) Unemployment in Greece: trends and main causes’, Volume of Essays in Honors of Professor Panayiotopoulos, University of Piraeus, pp 581-592.

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