Journal Articles


  • Anne Green and Ilias Livanos, Involuntary non-standard employment in Europe, European Urban and Regional Studies (forthcoming)
  • Ilias Livanos and Imanol Nunez, Better Safe than Sorry? The role of stratification and quality of higher education in the labour market outcomes of graduates across Europe, Economic and Industrial Democracy, 37(2) 345-372
  • Lefteris Kretsos and Ilias Livanos, The extent and determinants of precarious employment in Europe, International Journal of Manpower, 31(1) 25-43


  •  Imanol Nunez and Ilias Livanos, Temps “by choice”? An Investigation of the Reasons Behind Temporary Employment Among Young Workers in Europe, Journal of Labor Research, 36 (1) 44-66.
  • Anne Green and Ilias Livanos, Involuntary non-standard employment and the economic crisis: regional insights from the UK, Regional Studies, 49 (7) 1223-1235.


  • Ilias Livanos and Alexandros Zangelidis, Unemployment, Labour Market Flexibility and Absenteeism: A Pan-European Study, Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society, 52 (2) 492-515.


  • Ilias Livanos and Kostantinos Pouliakas, Educational Segregation and the Gender Wage Gap in Greece’, Journal of Economic Studies, 39 (5), 554 – 575.
  • Ilias Livanos and Alexandros Zangelidis (2012) Multiple Job-holding among Male Workers in Greece, Regional Studies, 46 (1), 119-135.


  • Ilias Livanos and Kostantinos Pouliakas (2011) Wage Returns to University Disciplines in Greece: Are Greek Higher Education Degrees Trojan Horses?  Education Economics, 19 (4),  411-445.


  • Ilias Livanos (2010) The Relationship Between Higher Education and the Labour Market in Greece: The Weakest Link? Higher Education, 60, 473-489.
  • Imanol Nunez and Ilias Livanos (2010) Higher Education and Unemployment in Europe: an Analysis of the Academic Subject and National Effects, Higher Education, 54, 475-487.
  • Ilias Livanos (2010) The wage – local unemployment relationship in a highly regulated labour market:  Greece, Regional Studies, 44 (4), 389-400.
  • Ilias Livanos, Cagri Yalkin and Imanol Nunez (2009) Gender employment discrimination: Greece and the United Kingdom, International  Journal of Manpower, 30 (8), 815-834, 2009.
  • Ilias Livanos (2009) Modelling the incidence of unemployment: the case of Greece, Applied Economics Letters, 16, 1607-1611.
  • Ilias Livanos (2009) What Determines Self-employment? A comparative study, Applied Economics Letters, 16, 227-232.
  • Ilias Livanos (2007) The incidence of long-term unemployment: evidence from Greece, Applied Economics Letters, 14, 405-408.

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